Monday, February 16, 2009

How to Have Your Best Recession EVER Tip #7

How would giving to others make sense at this time? In a world where we are seeing more and more scarcity, with less and less resources, why would you want to do something to help anyone else get more? Because

giving to others feels good.

Now I'm not necessarily talking about money here, though that's nice to do if you can. But there are plenty of other ways to help. You can: Volunteer your time; Donate old clothes or toys; Give someone a seat on the subway or bus; Let someone go in front of you in line; Smile at someone on the street; Help an elderly person in your neighborhood run an errand; Offer to give someone a ride if you drive; Call a friend you haven't heard from for awhile; Say 'thank you' to someone who has made a difference in your life.

Remember, most of coping with the Recession has to do with your thoughts. Part of the Recession is financial, but a larger part is psychological. We have no control over the Recession itself, but we do have control over how we react to the Recession.

The typical mindset of someone in a Recession goes something like, "I'm losing things, I'm scared of losing more, therefore I must protect everything." The mindset of someone who is thriving can say, "I have abundance around me. I may not have the money to offer, but I still have the ability to make a difference in my world and have much to give."

In what ways can you give now? I mentioned some above, but I would love to read comments from others about how you can display generosity and compassion in these troubled times. I guarantee that if you push yourself to help others, even just a little, then you will have your Best Recession EVER.


Kellek "The Piscean Master" said...

Thanks Damon for doing this series of articles!

Anonymous said...

i love this post! another great way to give to others is by giving hugs! and making it a habit -- in good times or not-so-good times is a really great idea. actually, i think all of your ideas are wonderful and i hope that people don't wait for perceived scarcity to decide they actually like other people and enjoy giving of themselves.