Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Been A Long Time...

Yes it has been a LONG time without keeping up this blog.  I think, as so many of us have found in this information-sharing age, that I may not have as much to share as I thought.  That, or doing active recruitment for the HIV Vaccine Trials and keeping up at We Love Soaps has taken away from the mental power required to consistently write interesting and informative entries. 

However, I'm going back to the blogging drawing board here, as I have much that I still want to share with the world, or the 13 people who still check this blog regularly (THANK YOU whoever you are).

I am surprised that I am still surprised how so many people are causing themselves suffering through their thoughts.  I talk to people in my personal and professional life who are not necessarily extremely depressed or panicking, they are just mildly moderately unhappy enough to stay stagnant.  Life really isn't that hard for these folks, so there is little motivation to challenge and question the thoughts and beliefs which cause them discomfort.  They are not content, but they are not severely miserable either, and so little action is taken.

Then I'm reminded that people love their misery cages.  Just like an imprisoned tiger will stay in its cage if given freedom, so do people who are comfortable feeling unhappy.

So this blog from here on out is dedicated to those that are willing, and I said willing, to reduce their suffering.  If you enjoy being fairly sorta-kinda unhappy, you probably won't be visiting here often.  But if you want to change, if you want to challenge, if you want to experience the joy and fun this life has to offer you, then stayed tuned.  We are just getting started.