Friday, February 6, 2009

How to Have Your Best Recession EVER Tip #5

Having trouble sleeping? Finding your mind consumed with fears about how terrible everything is going to be? Doubting that you're going to be able to make it through all this?

Then I have one very important tip for you:

Shut off the news. Now.

They are here to scare you, not to inform you. If I believed the news then I'd be convinced I'm about to lose all my savings.
And if that doesn't happen then I'll lose my home.
And if that doesn't happen then I'll die from the latest flu strain / trendy disease.
And if that doesn't happen then I'll get killed by a terrorist.
And if that doesn't happen then I'll be injured by the random violence of angry teenagers.
And if that doesn't happen, then there's always global warming.

When ever I turn on the news, the basic just of the message I get is, "Things are horrible...and they're only going to get worse." Then conveniently enough, I see advertisements for medications to treat indigestion, migraines, cholesterol, depression, and, insomnia.

See what's happening? There is a billion dollar industry behind making you as afraid as possible so you'll need the products the corporations are paying millions of dollars to advertise. If you MUST satisfy your thirst for news, then I suggest going to a larger newspaper or website such as the New York or L.A. Times. Or, if you're actually wanting constructive advice on how to handle the Recession, try checking out Suze Orman's show or her website.

You don't have to live your life afraid every day. You can choose to shut off the news, ignore the messages of doom and death, and apply reasonable scrutiny toward the information being directed at you. By doing this I guarantee you will have your Best Recession EVER!!

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