Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Link To A Fabulous Should-less Website

I received a profoundly honorable shout-out in a column by esteemed colleague Dr. Michael DeMarco last week regarding the devastating impact of "shoulds".  His post is titled Guilt and Self-Loathing- Welcome to NYC and it could not come at a better time for me.  Because yes, believe it or not, even the Should-less Guy has a tendency to give himself a hard time, particularly for not maintaining this blog consistently.  

What I love about living "Should-less" is that I realize I have a choice in all this.  I can say to myself, "You should maintain the blog about shoulds more regularly," or I can accept the fact that my work with the HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials and We Love Soaps are also of great importance and focus right now.  Either way, I know I have a choice.  To suffer because I'm not a superhuman, or to have peace around the fact that I am one busy New Yorker doing the best he can.  I think I know which one of these I prefer. 

For those who enjoy this website and the messages presented, I strongly encourage you to check out the posts of Dr. DeMarco on his own blog.  He writes much more often than I do, and has a clear concrete style that I guarantee will help you have a better day.