Friday, January 2, 2009

Petting Zoo Show!

I am so excited about this show on Sunday, January 11th. I will definitely be there and hope that everyone in the New York area checks this out:

WHEN: Sunday, January 11th at 7pm for only $5!

WHERE: Arlene's Grocery - 85 Stanton Street (at 2cd ave exit on F Train)

WHAT: A concert benefit featuring local talents such as -- Quiet Loudly, Pet Ghost Project, Spainard, Bob Bordallo, Telltale, a whole host of artwork created right in front of you...and a few surprises!!

WHO: The Petting Zoo Player's Society is a loose collective of artists, musicians and other creative folks. They are a powerful dynamic community that creates shows called "the petting zoo" -- an ever-changing, always fun musical artistic extravaganza.

WHY: They are a non-profit organization whose mission is to end the destruction of healthy, adoptable pets. Too many animals are dying in shelters and rescues that are under-funded and over-crowded. They envision a world where there's enough space, money, and love for every animal -- even if "home" is a shelter. They are all about fun, inspiration, and making a difference!

Please come join me for this fun and talented group's first big event!!


Irene said...

You know me: I love the petting zoo! Wish I could be in New York for this event. It sounds like a great cause, Damon. Have fun!

theloadingdock said...

yeah to matt & all the people involved!!! ;) :) can't wait to see the show!