Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to Have Your Best Recession EVER Tip #2

Make a Budget and Stick To It!

Sure, none of us want to do this. In ideal economy, none of us would need to count pennies. But given this is not an ideal economy, you now have a choice: adjust, or suffer.

If you choose the former, consider making a weekly budget. Evaluate what your net income will be, and take the time to detail how each cent will be spent. If your income fluctuates, estimate conservatively on the low side.

Consider areas where you can cost. Do you really need that cup of Starbucks in the morning? Do you have to have meals out as often? Must you see that movie that's out right now? Can you find that music CD cheaper online?

Part of remaining calm and sleeping better during the Recession means that you take effective action, so that you feel a little more in control of what's happening to your savings. For me, this means making coffee at home or work instead of buying it. It means not seeing EVERY movie nominated for Best Picture Academy Award, since that would cost well over $50. If I do go to the movies, it means I won't buy $4 popcorn and $2 Pepsi's. Instead of taking taxis late at night, I'll just be patient and wait 20+ minutes for a subway (EVEN if it's for the perpetually dysfunctional "L" train).

These are just a few ideas on how to take back my power when the economy is collapsing. What are some tips that YOU have come up with to budget and save money during these difficult times? Please leave comments here, since your ideas may help me and others reading this blog have our BEST RECESSION EVER!!

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Anonymous said...

Where do you find theaters with $4 popcorn and $2 sodas? lol They are $6 and $5 here! Great blog and good tips. Fortunately I have been unaffected by the economic situation, save for the 10% "temporary" wage reduction - you're right, need to adjust and shop the sales at the market!