Saturday, January 31, 2009

Evidence this is the Best Recession EVER

Can there be better evidence that this is the Best Recession EVER? For only $18, Theatre Askew is presenting their fascinating performance of, "Cornbury: The Queen's Governor." It turns out Manhattan's history of being home to outcasts is not unique to the last century, and neither are efforts to squash out creativity and difference. This show hysterically and cleverly portrays what happened when the Queen of England sent her pan-sexual gender-bending cousin to rule the infant colony of New York in the early 1700's, and the tension and chaos that ensued. Featuring Obie winner David Greenspan and the wonderful New York singer/actress Bianca Leigh, you won't find a better theatrical bang for your buck.

The show runs until February 8th. For more information about the show and purchasing tickets please press here

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