Sunday, May 1, 2011

40 Lessons Of 40: #1-#10

Aging.  We are all going to do it no matter who we are, where we live, or what we believe.  Yet I have found there is much intense fear and shame around the most human thing we can possibly do.  I started writing the "40 Lessons of 40" series to assist people of any age realize that getting older can bring empowerment, fun, and freedom, when they learn how to apply certain tools. 

I am thrilled that I turned 40-years-old on April 25th.  In the 40 days prior, I counted down the lessons that have helped me to live, to love, to laugh, and to cope with loss.  These are lessons that make my life easier and more peaceful now, and lessons that would have made my life a lot easier and more peaceful when I was in my twenties.  They may not change your whole world, but I guarantee they will change the way you see your whole world.

Lesson #1: Seek Not To Change The World But To Change Your Mind About The World
Lesson #2: Dropping The "Should" Makes Life Happy
Lesson #3: What Other People Think And Say About You Is None Of Your Business
Lesson #4: Feelings Are Not Facts
Lesson #5: Don't Believe Anyone Who Says "You Can't."
Lesson #6: You Are Not Your Body
Lesson #7: There Is Power And Serenity In Saying, "No."
Lesson #8: What Is Real Cannot Be Threatened
Lesson #9: Change Is Good
Lesson #10: You Are 100% Responsible For How You Feel

Lessons #11-#20
Lessons #21-#30
Lessons #31-#40
I am a licensed psychotherapist in New York who focuses on short-term solution-focused approaches to learning tools for coping with ageism, grief and loss, bereavement, stress management, social anxiety, depression, and anger. I also specialize working with individuals and/or couples coping with addiction, HIV related concerns, caretaking fatigue, spiritual/religious issues, and coming out.  I currently see clients on Tuesdays and Fridays at 1133 Broadway (at 26th street), and have later night appointments for those who cannot attend appointments during the day.  Press here to see highlights from my recent "Give Up Your Shoulds Day" conference in New York City.  If you are interested in having me as a presenter for your group or at your business, please feel free to write at, or call me at 347-227-7707.  

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