Sunday, November 1, 2009

2nd Annual Give Up Your "Should" Day!

The Second Annual
Give Up Your "Should" Day
Is Here!

Thank you for coming! It is my deepest hope that by giving up at least one "should" for today that you will realize you have the ability and the right to have more peace and joy in your life anytime you choose. This is especially important to remember with the holiday season quickly approaching.

So for today, please use the comments section here to list at least one "should" you will give up for November 1st. Then of course you are welcome to pick it back up on November 2nd if you choose. If you want to be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of Absolutely Should-less or a "Should-less" T-shirt, then make sure you leave your e-mail address here, or send it to me at

Good Luck! And enjoy your "should-less" day!


Damon L. Jacobs said...

I'm going to start this thing. I'm willing to give up these "shoulds" for today:

I should be working at a regular job
I should have more energy
Airlines should offer flights which don't allow children under five.

What about YOU?

Roger Newcomb said...

I'm in. I'm giving up these shoulds for today:

I should be getting more work done
I should clean up my office
I should be more prepared for certain things today

Blake Boldt said...

I should finish Damon's book because I'm on page 84.

I should be saving more money for the future.

I should find a more stable line of employment.

I should fold my laundry instead of leaving it in the dryer.

Kelly Nick said...

I am giving up these:
I should be cleaning the house.
I should find a full time job.
I should stop eating the Halloween candy.

Norn Cutson said...

"i should have been rich & solved all the world's problems by now!!!!"

Irene said...

Hi. Here's mine:

I should call my folks more often.

I should invite my friends/family to the house.

I should finish my chores.

Jonathan Reiner said...

I SHOULD be working at a regular job

I SHOULD eat better and work out more

I SHOULD be nicer to myself.

Larry said...

I should watch all that stuff recorded on my DVR to clear up some space for new recordings.

I should catch up on all that back reading (old magazines, newspapers) so I can put them out with the recycling.

I should declutter my place.

Kavin said...

I should finish the book I've been reading for the last month AND also the one I've been reading for the past week.

I should pick up writing again.

I should attempt to do the laundry that's been haunting me for what seems like forever now.

I should get a haircut.

I should be finally get a job that I can handle.

I should finally respond to my mom's emails.

Fausto Fernos said...

I shouldn't use the word should so much.

Anonymous said...

So . . . . today the should I am giving up is "I should have a distinct musical style, perfectly formed and be making perfect music in that style all the time." Feels good to give that up. Now I can allow my style to grow and change and be what it is. I can also recognize there is no such thing as "perfect!"

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I should be working on my book because I'm behind schedule.

I should be working a day job.

I should be able to give up the notion of perfection.

I should realize that being alone is better than being in a bad relationship.

Deep Dish said...

I should stop eating the leftover Halloween candy--even though it's hard to resist.

I should do more creative writing rather than blogging.

I should get in the holiday spirit because the most wonderful time of the year is almost here.

DocP said...

Question - Are shouldn't's as important as shoulds?

Damon L. Jacobs said...

Hi Doc P! Yes, I happen to believe that "shouldn't's" are the same thing as "shoulds". Do you have one in mind?

Anonymous said...

It agree, rather useful idea