Monday, June 1, 2009

You Asked ... James DePaiva Answered

Some wonderful fans had questions for the articulate and outspoken James DePaiva (ex-Max Holden on One Life To Live) based on the interview that was printed here. His responses are listed below:

Q: "Is there any one other than your wife, male or female, that you keep in touch with in the show or have a special relationship with?"
James DePaiva: I still keep in close contact with Bob Krimmer (Rev. Andrew). He is a very dear and important friend to me. I also see Susan Batten (Luna) quite often. She has an apartment in the same building and she married a lifelong friend of Kassies from Kentucky. They are only in NY part-time so we try to get together when they are around.

Q: "How did you feel when Asa passed away in real life? Did you have a relationship with him outside the show?"
James DePaiva: My relationship with Phil Carey was pretty much only at the show (except for the many visits to the local bar after the show). Of course, for many of those years, the show was our life.
I was very saddened by the passing of Phil (as well as Clint). They were both tremendous in their roles and were crucial to the biggest successes of OLTL. I was a big fan of both before I came to OLTL, so it was a thrill to work with them and to get to know them on a personal level.

Q: "Of all the women that Max was with during his years at “OLTL” which one do you think Max was the most in love with? Luna? Roxy? Blair? Or somebody else?"
James DePaiva: Max was too fickle for me to make a choice. Whichever woman he wanted at the time, was the love of his life. I think the fact he ended up alone, is a testament to his inability to have a love of his life. He had a love of his moment, of his conquest.
I suppose an argument could be made for Luna, but she died too soon, so we'll never know if Max could have sustained his passion for her. In reality, the love of his life was whoever the producers and writers thought it should be.
From my perspective the most important thing to me, was the incredibly talented, beautiful, hysterically funny and inventive group of actresses I got to play with. I was truly blessed with an amazingly diverse collections of playmates. If asked to choose a favorite, I'd have to say, "who am I with today?"

Q: "So are you interested in doing any directing? also, besides playing your guitar, what else are you doing with your time?"
James DePaiva: I would love to direct another film. Other than guitar, I have devoted a lot of time to developing my voice. I am currently auditioning for voice-overs and am in development for an Off-broadway musical. I've had the occasional theater job. I have been Mr. Mom for the last 5 yrs.. In addition to that, too many hobbies, skills and passions involving our country home life to mention.


MarkH said...

The two interviews on Marlena's site, and this followup, were among the rawest, most candid I have ever read. This is a good thing, but I confess it almost made me uncomfortable because there was SO much self-disclosure.

Mr. DePaiva is clearly quite evolved in his self-cognitions, and it is interesting to see even an awareness on his part of future work that he seeks to do.

Of course, DePaiva would have much to bring to performance, and to daytime in particular. The ageist nature of the genre, the limited (and growing more limited) availabilities in New York for daytime, and his own iconic status all work against a daytime reprise. When we look at him, we think 'Max'! Truly, that's in a category with Victor and Erica and Delia and Marlena and Rachel... So, it is very hard to see such a powerful performer in a different role.

But for that reason, I'd love to see it. In the waning days of ATWT, I'd love it if Mr. DePaiva could play completely against type (e.g., a lover for Forbes March's new gay character).

In any event, I am thankful to both the interviewer and interviewee and host-site for these remarkably probing conversations. THIS is what the soap magazines should have been doing...

Damon L. Jacobs said...

Thank you MarkH. I may not believe in "shoulds" but I appreciate your enthusiastic support!

Don't you think he'd be great as a love interest for Erica on AMC? I'm just sayin'!

KarenB said...

Really, Jim is just 50'ish, he should be giving Donny Osmond a run, sorry, Dance for his money on Dancing with the Stars. It seems to be the comeback vehical of the decade. It worked for Cloris Leachman it could work for Jim DePaiva. Even at his extreme age. I can call he age extreme as I was at college with him and stage managed him in "The Fifth of July".

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jim used to work at a music store in Livermore and I used to come in there to buy sheet music,,,as i played piano,,,he was so nice,,,i knew one of his sisters from high school,,,we lived around the corner from him!! I'm glad he 's happy and not living the stereotypical Hollywood life!!Congrats, Jim!