Sunday, June 28, 2009

I See Should-less Dead People

It's hard out there to be a celebrity this week. As I've been home writing, it seems like one famous person after another has been dropping dead. Now that I'm going back to work tomorrow I'm hoping this pattern stops.

What has been perplexing about seeing the news unfold "live" about these deaths is witnessing how differently people get treated once they are gone. Michael Jackson was treated like a monster for the past 16 years of his life who "should" act "normal." Farrah Fawcett frequently was the target of many jokes regarding her erratic public appearances, and how she "should" sober up. And Billy Mays wasn't even on the radar of mainstream media outlets until his death.Why is that when people are alive they are held to unreasonable standards, but are allowed to be "should-less" once they are gone? Isn't it hypocritical to persecute someone in life, then idolize them in death? Why does someone have to die young to catch a break?

For me these public deaths serve as a reminder that nothing is permanent, time is precious, and my "shoulds" about others are simply wasted. Why do I have to wait until someone is gone to appreciate to them? I'm going to focus this week on valuing the positive qualities of the people around me. Because as we've seen from last week, we may not get a chance to do it tomorrow.

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