Sunday, June 14, 2009

Message From The Should-less Guy

To the wonderful loyal readers of this blog,

Thank you so much for your dedicated viewings. I apologize for being a bit neglectful lately. Blogging presents an interesting paradox for me - on one hand I have an outlet to communicate ideas, question old beliefs, and share day-to-day struggles with should-less living. On the other hand, I am amazingly bereft of Deep Thoughts at times.

I recently found myself amused at all the "shoulds" I had about keeping up a "should-less" blog. The truth is: working a full time job, writing the next book, and maintaining some type of social life have all contributed to this column not being regularly updated. I could theoretically put up random non-shouldless material from time-to-time, but realized that would not be consistent with the reason I created this blog in the first place.

So I am committing to maintain quality commentaries whenever the hell the mood strikes me. I thank the readers of the blog for being so patient as the next book about "should-less" relationships is being written. And for the soap fans, I have some very exciting news coming up in the next few weeks.

All the best,


Deep Dish said...

Keep writing your book, Damon! We can all talk amongst ourselves until you finish. :)

Irene said...

Writing another book is a great reason for not doing anything (does that even make sense?).

Deep thoughts are overrated, anyway.