Monday, April 13, 2009

Feeling Brandon's Buzz

Wow, I just caught "The Buzz" tonight, and it was Good! I had such a wonderful time talking with Brandon about living Should-less, improving your relationships, surviving the loss of your favorite soap, and ME!

Please press here to hear more. Or you can download it on iTunes by going to, "Brandon's Buzz."


John said...

Great interview, Damon. It was also kind of surreal, like one of those weird dreams where people from different aspects of your life are all talking to you at the same time and place. I've watched soaps since I was a kid; and I've also spent a great deal of time in college and in various venues since then talking about LGBT issues and white male privilege in general; and quite coincidentally I have also worked in a few jobs for psychologists I respect very much who've frequently gone off about the folly of psychoanalysis and why cognitive behavioral therapy is better, most of which went over my head. (Not to mention my own extensive history with therapy...) I don't think I've ever heard anyone hit on all of those topics at once, though...somehow they never seemed to go together, but I guess I'm not the only one to find some common thread, whatever it may be.

I've already been thinking of ordering it, but I may really have to read your book now, because if you can make me think that it's ok that GL is being canceled I am curious to see what your philosophy could do for my life! Well, I take that's still not ok that GL is being canceled, at least now. It's greed, pure and simple. Soaps are dying, but so is network tv as we know it, and you can't convince me that anything else is going to do any better at 10 am (in many markets) on weekdays on network tv. That being said, you're right, these soaps are not serving the purpose they once did. If young people can get what they got from soaps in a less homogenized way from other media and if creative people trying to subsidize their burgeoning careers in theatre and film can do it in a less restrictive form than something meant to sell laundry detergent, I guess that's a good thing. I still hold out hope that GL could survive in some form in some new media, if only because it was the one radio show to transition to tv. But as you said, there are many different forms in which these soaps could survive, and ongoing original episodes may be a "should" that I can't cling to... We'll see.

Damon L. Jacobs said...

Hey John,

Wow, thank you for such a thoughtful comment. I truly hope the ideas in my book and/or this blog do help you to feel more okay. NOT because what is happening is okay, but because you deserve to have less stress and suffering in your life. Please write me again to let me know how you're doing.

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Anonymous said...

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