Tuesday, April 7, 2009


In a world where retirement savings are lost, people get hurt, and 72-year-old soaps get canceled, it's pretty hard to find something reliable to hold on to. But here is one guarantee I promise that will hold true throughout your entire life:

Blaming others for how you feel will only bring you more suffering.

If you're comfortable being unhappy, then this may be of no interest to you whatsoever. But if you are interested in feeling a little better, with more peace, and more daily satisfaction, please continue.

Believe me, I understand how it easy it is to blame others for my emotions. We have all been conditioned in western society to believe that we get upset because of other people or outside things. Try filling in the blanks below:

______________ hurt my feelings
______________ made me upset
______________ really stresses me out!

Now look at your answers and consider this: YOU have been played a significant role for your reactions to all these situations. Perhaps not the circumstances themselves, these may or may not have been in your control. But the feelings and the meanings that you assign to other people's actions or the events around you are completely in your control.

How do you take that back that control? Tune in tomorrow, folks, for a crash course lesson in a word beginning with "R" that will significantly relieve your suffering. Anyone want to guess?


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Damon L. Jacobs said...

Ding ding ding!! You've got it, Dana!

We Love Soaps said...

I think this is brilliant! What a great read.