Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Message From the Should-less Guy

I received a very touching and beautiful tribute from a reader of "Absolutely Should-less." last week.  When I wrote this book I thought, "Even if one person benefits from this it will be worth it."  Now I have heard back from many people who have enjoyed the book, are using the ideas in their every day lives, and are feeling better because of it.  This touches my soul in ways I cannot explain. 

Please keep the letters coming at, even the ones that have critical feedback. 

It is absolutely true this blog has continued to be neglected.  Much of my efforts these days has gone to doing interviews and features at We Love Soaps, as well as recruiting for HIV Vaccine Trials in New York City.  But please know that the next book about "should-less" relationships is well under way, and will be coming soon....eventuallly!

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JulieTTe said...

Hey ... u are awesome... i must say that i am from Romania and i just loved what u thought...

great job :* sweet kisses