Sunday, March 15, 2009

Review of the Best Recession EVER

I know some of you have busy schedules and short attention spans. This may even be your first time ever seeing this blog (thanks to Alpha Inventions). If any of these apply to you, here is a handy review to the 12 Ways to have your Best Recession EVER! For more details on each tip, just read the posts below.

Remember, comments are always appreciated / welcomed / hoped and prayed for.

Tip #1: Lose the "should" about your least for now.
Tip #2: Make a budget and stick to it!

Tip #3: Talk about money with others.
Tip #4: Recognize that good outcomes come from bad events.

Tip #5: Shut Off the News. Now.
Tip #6: Resist holiday gift-giving "shoulds".
Tip #7: Giving to others feels good.

Tip #8: Take advantage of going out of business sales.
Tip #9: Recognize the Recession in your mind.
Tip #10: Make a gratitude list every day.
Tip #11: Stay in the present.
Tip #12: Have faith it's all going to be okay.

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We Love Soaps said...

I went in for my yearly physical and ended up reading an AARP magazine because it just happened to be laying on the chair I sat in.

Inside there was an article similar to this list, and it talked about living in today and appreciating today. It said a lot of anxiety comes from worry about about what will happen in the future versus living in the moment.