Monday, November 7, 2011

Best Holiday Ever!

This marks the fifteenth year I have been working in the the mental health profession.  The one thing that I have seen remain constant from year to year is the amount of stress that takes place during the last two months of each calendar year.  

For many people, the holiday season can be a time of fear, guilt, sorrow, loss, social pressures, and financial pressures.  For the first time ever, I am offering my tried-and-true tips to experiencing "should-less" holidays.  In this FREE video series, I will guide you through each step toward challenging and unlearning stressful "shoulds" around spending money, giving gifts, and navigating social obligations.

In this series I cover:

-The "Should Pie" for challenging stressful holiday "shoulds."
-The 7 simple questions you can use to reduce and eliminate any harmful "should."
-The 5 Tips For Reducing Gift Giving Guilt
-How to incorporate these tools into the rest of your life 365 days a year.

Please come visit me at and learn how to make the rest of the year a time of joy, fun, and fulfillment!

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