Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tips for Should-less Protesting #4

Should-less Protesting Tip #4

ACTION: Write a letter (snail mail is better) to your Congressperson, your Senator, your local city politicians, and tell them what you think about this issue. Try eliminating "shoulds" from your letter, and using as many "I" statements as possible.

REASONING: Nobody opens their hearts or minds when they feel condescended to or judged. Don't believe me? Just how motivated do YOU feel to change your thinking when someone tells you that you "shouldn't" have the right to marry who you want to?
"Shoulds" are an ineffective motivator for change. You make a much more powerful statement by speaking your truth from a personal standpoint using "I" statements, and explaining why same-sex marriage benefits everyone, not just the couple involved.

If you'd like to read more about theory behind Should-less Protesting, press here

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